Books, Books, Books!

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“Reading! It’s boring! I hate it! It’s annoying! It takes up my time!” are the responses of many kids these days…

But I say, “NO!”

Reading is amazing!!! And it’s time for us to step in and recognize the value of books and literature again. Technology aside (because you can totally read books on kindles, phones, and tablets), the essence of reading builds such strong creativity and imagination. We are able to create characters, settings, and situations in our own minds and they may be even better than the movies that come out in theaters. Reading opens up students’ perspectives in different areas of life, helps them identify with characters that they may never come across in reality, and prepares them for the real world.

I always loved the above image with the vocabulary list statistics. Twenty minutes a day definitely builds on a student’s vocabulary, but also helps with their reading skills in general, context identification, analysis skills, etc.

This past weekend, my husband and I ended up buying books for my personal classroom library from Amazon, Sam’s Club, and BAM, because the students needed a new variety of books. As long as they’re finding something of interest, they will want to read something.

I’m asking you-parents and students- if you have any books that need a home, preferably grades 5 to Young Adult level, and are planning on tossing them or giving them away, my classroom is adopting any books you have! We are looking for graphic novels, short stories, and obviously novels. Let’s start a movement of book reading once again, sparking the imagination of our students that will last for years to come!

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Have your kids read 10-20 minutes a day. I promise it will make a difference!!!

With Love and Literature,
Mrs. Schoe


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