Wilcats of the Month!

We are welcoming in a new month and have some exciting news to share about our new Wildcats of the Month.  These students were chosen by their teachers because they are always thinking of others.  They share their time, talents, and their belongings without a second thought.  Our Wildcats of the Month are excellent leaders in group lessons working cooperatively with others and they are volunteers in their classrooms.

In this season of Giving and Caring I present to you our Wildcats of the Month for Generosity.

In kindergarten we have Jimmy Seelman

In 1st grade we have Trevor Moore

In 2nd grade we have Tyler Myronowsky

In 3rd grade we have Michael Nelson

In 4th grade we have Hailey Seelman

In 5th grade we have Sara Weiss

In 6th grade we have Addison Farrell

In 7th grade we have Madison Burns

In 8th grade we have Brian Ruga

Mrs. Wanner’s pick Gracie Dixon

Thank you everyone and remember in this holiday season: Your greatness is not what you HAVE, it is what you GIVE!

Thank you!!  Have a great weekend!



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