Written by: Liz Romano

“Wildcat of the Month”
Estell Manor School is proud to announce the launch of a brand new program entitled “Wildcat of the Month”. This is a program focused on recognizing the various character traits of many of our students and honoring those students who act of a role model of that particular attribute. During the month of October, the teachers and staff worked together to recognize those students who are exemplary models of responsibility. Each of these Wildcats showed that he/she could complete class work in a neat and organized way while doing what was expected of him/her. These Wildcats truly demonstrated leadership in self control and accountability. Each of these students was reliable and worked hard to make their class a better place. The following students were selected as our October Wildcat’s of the Month.

Kindergarten: Abby Cressey
First Grade: Hannah Armstrong
Second Grade: Renada Bermudez
Third Grade: Natalie Hughes
Fourth Grade: Gino Belfi
Fifth Grade: Josh Mason
Sixth Grade: Katie Dormanen
Seventh Grade: Carla Sabella
Eighth Grade: Morgan Rocap
Mr. Smith: Adelynn Cossaboon
Mrs. DeLucca: Addison Farrell
Mrs. Wanner: Joe Popa

Congratulations to all!
Our November, Wildcat of the Month will feature those students who exemplify
Generosity in their character. Stay Tuned…….


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